Greg Blotnick – Nine Baby Boomer Stocks To Buy

Excerpts from Greg Blotnick – Nine Stocks To Buy

HCP, Inc.., a REIT with a 6.4% dividend yield. HCP has 1,200 properties specializing in senior housing, life science and medical offices, with a diversified mix of independent and assisted living. Shareholders have enjoyed a compound annual return of 14.9% since their 1985 IPO, and HCP has increased their dividend for 31 consecutive years. Healthcare expenditures are set to increase with the “graying of America” and HCP is well-positioned to capture this secular growth with their unique, diversified real estate portfolio.
Home Depot (HD) – Boomers entering retirement will spend their free time fixing up their homes, or spending money on second homes to renovate. The stock yields 2.25%, ahead of the S&P 500, and recently hiked their dividend by 17%. Home Depot is the 2nd-best performing stock of the last 30 years, with a cumulative return of nearly 68,000% or ~24% annualized. Revenues should hit $100 billion in 2018 and the industry enjoys long-term secular tailwinds in an aging housing stock and new household formation.
Amazon, Inc. (AMZN) – As boomers age, their preference will shift towards the convenience of ordering online rather than driving to the store. Bezos’ e-commerce monster now captures over 50 cents of each incremental dollar spent online and twenty years of reinvestment are finally showing up in the form of margin expansion and triple-digit growth in free cash flow. Other growth drivers include Prime Video and the firm’s recent entrance into logistics.

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